SWAT a Sight Word Game


Let's face it, kids love games and having fun. Trying to get them to read or write can be a challenge, so why not enhance your kids’ vocabulary with our fun and interactive Swat a Sight Word Game.

It gives them the opportunity to learn the most common words in the English language while at the same time developing skills like word recognition, eye-hand coordination, vocabulary building and problem-solving.

About Learning Antics

Learning Antics goal is to help parents and educators make learning fun through interactive games. We want to help kids easily learn to read and write so that they can that will help them in the real world.

Our mission is to give confidence to be independent teach kids basic skills to give them confidence.


“My son was behind in his reading in comparison to the average children his age. To help I thought I would try this game to learn through play. We play most nights and he has so much fun. The best part is his reading has improved drastically even his teacher has commented on his progress and that he is now caught up to the other kids and even starting to exceed.”

— Customer Review
“My daughter does not like to be told how to learn, she likes to be in control and feel grown-up. So when we play the game my daughter is in charge of calling out the words and I swat the fly. She has now learnt all level 1 words and many other words from other levels and she is less than halfway through kindergarten. The best part is that she doesn't realise she is learning, she thinks she is teaching me”

— Customer Review
“I use this in the classroom with first graders. I break up the kids into small groups around the room. I have noticed that the through play the kids are learning the words quicker than through other methods. The kids have so much fun playing they do not even realise they are learning.  ”

— Customer Review


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